New Build Fresh Install errors USB & CD??

I just built a new PC for my nephew for Christmas. Specs are below. I lost my Windows CD but I still have a valid key. I downloaded the Windows 7 home premium x64 and burned it as an iso on a disk. I tried installing it and got the error "a required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing". Thought it was the cd/dvd. Read its something to do with raid drivers. Then I read to use a flash drive. Both CD and Flash give me the same error. I might add I am burning the x64 version on a x32 system (not sure if that matters). Im completely confused and need to have this fixed by Christmas as this is a gift. PLEASE help. Specs:

1TB Western Digital
Core Duo AMD Athlon 3.0 Ghz
M5A78-M LX Series MB
LG gh22ns30 Disk Drive
Power ISO

Where I downloaded the ISO file from (lost the cd):
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  1. Nobody?? I'm not pirating anything....I have a valid windows key...I put $300 into this computer for my nephew (who is 7).....just really need this fixed :-/
  2. Hi, Have you set SATA to AHCI in BIOS? Or is it set to IDE?
  3. Yes, just tried it. Same thing :-/
  4. Try loading the SATA driver during Windows install (when asked where to install Windows, click load driver). Connect the DVD drive to the SATA 5 or SATA 6 port.
    Download the driver from unzip and save it on a USB memory stick.
  5. it doesnt give me the option to install drivers. Just goes right to asking language then to click install. I have the MB cd and the dvd drive is connected to sata 4, the last connector for my mb.
    however I did download the drivers you sent me, but if i install them on XP when i go to try and install the 7, it still gives me the error. Even when I try to install via the windows 7 cd, it still gives me that error. This error I am getting is a common problem with windows 7 from what i understand.
  6. Load default settings in bios.
    change date and time in bios.remove any raid drives.only connect dvd drive and hdd.
    try in other system if same error comes the iso file u r downloaded is corrupt.
  7. ive used this disc before so i know its not the disk or my flash. reset, changed clock, still same issue with both usn and disk
  8. Im wondering if this is happening because of how im doing it. I am first installing windows xp, and not activating it (no SP1 or 2 either). Obviously its not a 64 bit XP. Should I be clearing my drive and just trying a fresh install of 7 instead of going from Windows XP to a new install of 7 or does that not matter? I dont want to do it all and have it fail if that doesnt matter
  9. Yes, format the drive and install Windows 7. Set SATA to AHCI and load the SATA driver.
  10. formatting drive now. When I set the sata drives to AHCI should they be in 5&6 or is it ok to keep them in 1&2?
  11. How do I load the sata drivers?
  12. The HDD connected to one of the 1-4 and the DVD drive to one of the 5-6.
    Save the driver on the USB stick and connect the device.
    When asked where to install Windows format the HDD, then click load driver and point to the USB stick.
    Click Next and continue the installation.
  13. Heres my problem though. It asks to choose a language and the there is an install button, and no other choices. as soon as I click the "install now" that is when the error pops up. Then it asks me to load drivers for the cd/dvd drive and when i use the MB disk or the usb it says its not valid when it is the actual file from my MB disk. What I find odd is the MB disk says "Windows 7 ready". So I originally put the MB disk in to see maybe if I should load that first, but it seems to only load the boot file and then gives me an option for command prompt or to make a xp/xp64 disk. Should I be running the sata drivers from command prompt right off the mb disk?
  14. No. I'll try to find a Youtube video for how to.
  15. Ok i will try to burn it again. I have three programs Poweriso, Imgburn and freeiso burner. Do u suggest one or does it not matter? I will but at 2x speed to make sure it burns slow. Also, would it be that the iso is bad or just the burn is bad? Cuz i downloaded the iso from digital life.
  16. i also used dvd-r before, and am going to burn this one on a dvd+r (not sure if that matters). Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it.
  17. PowerIso should be OK. +R or -R doesn't matter.
  18. it was the burn. Thank you so much for all your help!!
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