Cant boot into windows 7


i am in a bit of trouble,

i was going install fedora along side windows 7 after wiping the linux mint partitions using minitool partition wizard..i forgot to restore bcd using easy bcd and inserted the fedora disc..but due to some necessity i cancelled the installation before it had started

after that whenever i try to start my computer i get the message:

error no such partition

so i inserted my windows 7 install disc but the pc wont recognise it..when i selected to boot it from boot menu i got the message : boot failure. i also tried with a few linux discs but got the same message..

i also created a bootable usb using winflash tool and on selecting it to boot the screen shows a blinking dash and nothing else..

i checked the cables and they seem to be allright..i really cant understand how to fix my pc

please help me. please
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  1. Change cmos battery.then change date and time in bios.load default settings in bios.insert windows disc then clean install windows.
    "102501" =100gb accurately.
  2. thanks for the reply sir, but how exactly can i change the motherboard is from intel.

    please be patient and help me out..i am in quite a fix

    thank you
  3. okay so i re inserted my cmos battery successfully following a youtube guide...changed time loaded default settings inserted windows disk but still i get boot failure...

    please help..what else can be done to fix my pc..
  4. Buy a new cmos battery not so much cost only 1$ or below.
    try this :remove cmos battery.power on.goto bios.restart.
    if the system goto bios without cmos battery the cmos battery current is fully discharged.
    stay in bios atleast 1 minute if system hang or any isseus ,ram problem.
  5. Check u r sata cable and power cables has any defect.
    try this :
    insert hdd in other power cables and remove sata cable in cd drive and insert it in hdd.if it works sata cable is comblind.
    if ur os dvd is working.
  6. here is what i did..i removed the cmos battery and satrted my computer..

    it gave a warning cmos battery failure, checksum failure and another failure..i restarted the pc and pressed f2 to enter bios setup. pressed the resart button..the pc passed the bios screen and back to the same screen saying "error:no such partition"

    i rebooted the pc and enetered bios setup pressing stayed there for more than five minutes without any hang or error. ...

    hope i could follow ur instructions..i tried to boot from dvd again but still got the boot failure message..
  7. The system not booted in the error message appear.
    change boot piriority to 1 st dvd drive 2 nd hdd.
    put the os dvd in dvd drive then restart.
  8. If Boot piriority is correct then the same error message means dvd drive not check dvd drive power cable and sata cable.
    put the os dvd in other system and make sure it is working.
  9. okay i removed all cables connecting the dvd drive and hard drive and re connected them.. i booted my pc and still getting the same dvd boot failure..boot order is correct. i tried booting from usb stick but it is showing a blank screen with a dash blinking..

    i created the usb using winflash tool and windows 7 dvd. please tell me what else can be done to fix the problems..which parts are malfuntioning and why isnt the usb drive booting?????
  10. Update bios and hdd firmware.
  11. can u please guide me on that please..
  12. Sure friend its my duty .said thanks to tom to give this opertunity.and dont type "please " its my small request.
    Give u r mobo "Model no space bios" in google latest bios by date provided in details.See some videos in youtube also help u by simply type modelno space bios in it. its easy no problem just takes a minute to update.
    for hdd is easyer then mobo
    download latest firmware not more then 20mb iso file.burn to cd.boot from cd that detect hdd click on hdd to proced update.
  13. i updated bios using a usb drive..i downloaded this ...extracted the iso and copied files to usb drive..booted it and again the computer is stuck at the blinking dash screen..

    i cant understand y boot from usb is failng..
  14. Dvd drive problem.insert dvd drive in other system and put the os cd check it is shown the files.if show files then u r sata slot is complind in u r system.if not show file the drive is complind.
    try in other sata port.
  15. i think my dvd drive is giving problem...but then y cant the pen drive boot???
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    Just copy the files are not working to boot is not problem the boot files not present in pendrive.update bios via pendrive success so pendrive working.
  17. Have you tried booting from a live CD, such as Puppy,UBCD, Hirens?
    If you can, have a look at the hard drive with something like Gparted. You may have managed to delete the partition and it may need reformating,
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  19. thank you hytecgowthaman...problem fixed..thanks a million..and i think the dvd drive is not working anymore....running windows 7 again..:)
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