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Please post what kind of laptop you have, the specs, and as much as possible about the build quality, if you like it, customer support, etc.
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    Specs: 900MHz Celeron M, 1GB DDR2, 160GB Sata 5400rpm, intel 900-series graphics.

    Included OS: XP home

    Build quality: The keys are very difficult to press, the fan gets noisy after prolonged web browsing, web cam is soso, but doesnt come with any software. The wireless range is better than that of the ibm thinkpaq r50 i own, yet worse than the hp pavilion dv4 i owned until it died. Battery life is ok.

    Opinion: its slow, but i knew that going in, and it runs hot for such a slow machine. but im sure the intel atom version runs better and cooler. there no c drive which is a pain. i know someone with an older sony laptop that i more powerful and has a cd drive while not being much larger.

    What could be improved: should include webcam software, should have 2gb ram stock, less whiny fan, easier keys to press, mouse button should be two separate buttons not a single bar.

    Overall rating (of out 10) : 7
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