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I have an Olympus C920Z. I didn't realize the fact that Olympus SM card is different from others only in the content format. Why do I say so? I happened to format the Olympus SM card in my NOMAD MP3 player. When I use my camera to format the CM card back, I find that "panorama" mode fails. Now the Olympus card acts just like cards of other brands.
So my question is: Does anybody know what's the "secret format" of Olympus SM card? And how do I retrieve the "panorama" mode?
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  1. Good question... maybe it reappears if you reformat the card directly in the camera? I doubt it as I recall reading some blurb about how the panorama function works via some software installed on the card. If Olympus supplied the softare you could install it on ANY card.

    Let me know if you reach success, I have the same problem.
  2. I have reformatted it in my camera several times. But it seems that the panorama mode is gone forever. I've sent an email to Olympus, no reply yet.
  3. Panorama is a feature found only in Olympus brand SM cards.
    The card is standard SM, the Nomad is using a proprietary
    format (as my Rio does). Once you format the card, Panorama
    feature will be deleted. Adobe Photoshop Elements has the
    ability to stitch pictures together and is available for
    around $50. This may be cheaper than buying a new card.
  4. I own the Olympus C2100 Ultra Zoom , the first thing that I learn after getting the camera was about one SmartMedia reader called as ZIO , that I actually got ..

    For this USB reader there is one hacked file that can format any card to Pano one .

    Just be a member to the C2100 Yahoo club and download it .


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