So far I like the look of the new forums. Its cleaner than the current one and more modern looking.

I did notice that the Computer setup cuts mine off, might not have enough room to list all PC specs. I think we need something better for that, as it is an enthusiast site, that can help define each persons custom build. I have seen some on one site I like (can't remember which) but then again, that's just me. It would feel better to me.

I haven't gotten to play with it much yet (work keeps me busy) but so far it feels faster than the old site to.

Guess I need to mess with the Admin tools to as those were a bit meh mostly.
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  1. jimmysmitty,

    I see... maybe that should be like the signature... No restrictions on its length. I'll report this.

  2. Hey,

    Just heard we're going to increase the length available!

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