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Hi guys,

I am not really all that familiar with programming, but I do know how to get up and running on a Linux desktop machine. My question is once I have installed a Fortran compiler how to I get up an running. I mean how does one ask the computer to open a text editor, to write the program on, and then ask
the computer to compile it.

For example on the Linux machine. I write

nedit filename.f90 (provided the file has already ben created. I am not sure how to do so if it hasn't. )

then I write my program and save

type in the terminal

gfortran filename.f90 to compile
press enter
type ./a.out to run

Sorry if this is a really easy question, but I am not really very confident when it comes to dealing with computers
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  1. On OS X you do it exactly the same as you would on a Linux computer. Open a terminal, run your text editing software, then run your compiler. There are several text editors for OS X, but if you particularly like nedit you can get it here.

    Of course you can use a text editor via the GUI also.
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    ijack is absolutely right.....but here something more complex.....easy.....

    Carbon Emacs supports fortran syntax highlighting and compilation to a certain point.... Use text editor and terminal......from ijack links..... CarbonE (i use it and it works well / better than others ).....

    Also you should think of enabling virtualization if your cpu supports it....
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