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I played the Comanche 4 demo a couple of days ago and I must say I didn't like it. The graphics are superb make no mistake but it looks like an out of control wannabe flightsim to me, especially the weapons (Then again Novalogic never make true flightsims like Janes/EA or DID. Their 3 rounds of F22 games show this trend).

Does anybody care about flight simulations here? Does anybody share my opinion?

I really miss Jane's truly GREAT Longbow 2! But seemingly it doesn't run on Windows 2000 :(
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  1. yup very arcade like.... want real flight sim action with good damage models, real ammo loads, planes based on the real things with differences based on the correct modeling .. wanna play against good pilots online in real time ?? try aces high from hard but realistic


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  2. i agree that comanche isn't very realistic but sometimes your just in the moood for some fun rather than a reali life scenario. i ahven't played comanche 4 yet but back in the days of dos i ahd the original comanche, ahh, only if i could get that to work wiht my win 98 se.

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  3. I agree with reptilej.
    I just want a game that looks great (which this does) and doesn't require me to be an a actual pilot. When I play MOH, I do not want to go thru boot camp in order to enjoy the game. Don't get me wrong, I do like flight sims, I am just saying that not every flying game HAS to be a sim to be good (and fun).


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  4. I disagree with the "boot camp" comment. Although it isn't necessary, persay. It did get you familiar with the weapons and their functions. And since I am so used to DoD, i had to mess with the grenades for a bit before I caught onto the system. I guess they could have givin you the option to skip it if you wanted, though...
  5. LOL......I totaly forgot about that in MOH.

    My point was that I like the realism of MOH, but I would not want to go thru a REAL boot camp to enjoy the game, just like you practically have to go thru REAL training to play SOME fight sims that are too realistic.


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  6. LOL! That's funny... I see what you mean now. And I totally agree, I have never been able to play 90% of the flight games out there because they are so fecking complicated. Yeah, I realize that they are "sims" and they are supposed to be 100% accurate but I don't think it's too far fetched to have a flight sim that is a little easier on the learning curve.
  7. Exactly, Sims can be cool, but for me the HAVE to be fun or I just don't like playing them. I tried MS Flight sim at my brothers......Fly from Alaska to NY in real time.....oooo fun !


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  8. I'm not a veteran in flight sims myself. But have you ever played Jane's Longbow2? Jane's USAF? Or DID/Ocean's F22 Air dominance fighter or F22 Total air war? They can be tweaked to be played VERY easily and yet retain their sim-like experience. But the point is THEY REMAIN A TRUE SIM!

    Commanche 4 is really a first person shooter in my opinion. Using the combination of mouse and keyboard like that is NOT enjoyable or easy when you're manning a helicopter. IMHO either you use a joystick and keyboard to have utmost control or you just use the keyboard. That's because unless you have a joystick, you need both your hands to fly well and precise and do other things in between. And commanche 4 doesn't have an option for 'keyboard-only' flying. Also, the enemies, the fights, etc. are too much arcade-like. It may be good as a 1st person shooter but not as an enjoyable flight sim. I'd rather play a real FPS anyday...
  9. Did I mention that Longbow 2 works near-perfect on Windows XP?! :) Time to bust some tanks!
  10. I use the <A HREF=">#" target="_new">Belkin</A> speedpad and a Logitech Marble wheel. I can totaly control the chopper. It's true that it would be more realistic if you used a stick, but that goes back to it not being a sim. I have Janes WWII Fighters and F22.

    As far as tweaking these games to make them VERY easy to play, wouldn't that be making them like C4 already is.....not a sim ?


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  11. in response to the beginning post: i dont know what games youre used to but i was dissappointed with the graphics. this is a DX 8.1 game, am i right. ive seen benchmarks and the best systems only score in the 30's (fps) at high resolutions. Thats crazy. I think the engine just sucks thats why it dosnt perform very well. It looks fine on my comp i have a ti4400 xp1900 etc... But the volumetric grass, you know all the little wavy sprites, its a crappy effect, download 3D Mark 2001 and the volumetric grass in the nature scene is much better, and the fps isnt that much lower. course, you wont see the volumetric grass unless you have a DX 8.1 compatable graphics card (geforce 3 ti 200, radeon 8500 or better)

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  12. I hated that game so much I told the guy at best buy that it was incompatible with my computer and I wanted an in store credit even though they don't give returns. Luckily he gave me a credit =) What a boring piece of crap. There's so many better titles out there than this.

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