Netflix Issues as well as wow

Hey guys I'm having a problem here, I try to stream movies from netflix on my pc and as soon as the movie starts to play it will lock up my pc ( this is a hard lockup) and this awful high pitched buzzing noise comes from the speakers, I have this same problem when I try to play World of Warcraft. :cry: :cry:

I have XP Pro with SP3 as my OS
AMD Athlon, 767mb RAM
Nivdia Geforce 7300GT
Sound Blaster live 5.1

with all updated drivers for everything the only thing I have done was update my OS to SP3, so that I could use silverlight for netflix movies Wow use to work fine until I updated My OS.

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  1. Update your sound blaster card also >
  2. OK, So what your saying is that my sound card it's self isn't up to working in this environment or just the driver, because I did update the driver to the most recent available.
  3. update your video drivers if you haven't already
  4. I have all updated drivers, the thing I'm wondering about is I used My old Dell branded XP SP2 CD to install a OS on this machine, since I tossed the Dell along time ago?
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