How much Better will Windows 7 Perform Compared to Vista?


Im wondering how much of a performance gain Windows 7 have over Vista?
and will it have any major affects on things like Gaming?
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  1. Performance gain will be negligible... some people say Win 7 "feels" faster... but so far as I know most benchmarks are showing it to be on par with Vista. You'll more performance out of newer hardware than you will out of a newer OS.
  2. Responsiveness in general use is improved but don't expect to see framerates increase by anything noticeable.
  3. Then what if you were to install Windows 7 onto a older Vista PC that never really performed all that great with Vista.

    Would it have a noticeable improvement in performance compared to having Vista installed? (Lower Boot times, more responsiveness)
  4. Depends on the specs of the computer.
  5. For boot times and responsiveness, 7 is definitely faster than Vista, but don't expect gaming or any sort of CPU intensive task (video encoding, etc) to be any faster.
  6. Yeah, I think my laptop is a lot faster, but it's basically a very similar OS. feels faster I should probably say. Same drivers for both so I wouldn't imagine performance would be much different. It sure loads a heck of a lot faster. Yeah I'd say responsive too.

    I think the big difference will be newer technologies will be optimized for Win7, like SSD's and DirectX11.
  7. SSDs are definitely better on Win 7. I also agree that the boot time is noticeably shorter, but I am more pleased with the fact that I can start Firefox within 5 seconds of the desktop showing instead of 1 minute.
  8. In Vista I've noticed a lot of HDD activity in the first few minutes after booting up. I don't see that in Windows 7 at all. Wonder what Vista was doing to my drives ><
  9. Superfetch is what the HDD thrashing was. Win 7 uses a much less aggressive form of Superfetch.
  10. Once DX11 is in full effect, both Vista and W7 will benefit, so there wont be a huge advantage in gaming. Theyve setup a more paralellised usge in W7 in 2D that allows for faster 2D usage, and is why its snappier, as having several apps , when cued, dont have to wait when mulitasking, as more than 1 is actually being able to process at a time
  11. Ah ok sweet thanks for the info
  12. I would like to see a similar test being made on a Netbook with total focus on productivity, witch I think is more interesting than testing Windows on a super rip. I think, if Windows 7 have speed advantages it will be more obvious on a slower computer, and on a rig that Windows 7 claims to have advantages on
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