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You will read this and agree that I am a idiot, therefore any help would be greatly appreciated.

I bought a Shuttle SS51G with a FS51 V2.0 motherboard and I installed a Pentium 4 processor. Unfortunatelly I installed a Prescott 2.80A (Max Voltage 1.4) instead of a Northwood 2.80 (Max Voltage 1.525V). I later installed the correct processor and the motherboard is fine.

Can anyone tell me if I damaged the Prescott 2.80A? Should I buy a motherboard for it or just throw it in the trash?
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  1. It should automatically detect your CPU and adjust voltage accordingly.
    If that is what you mean.
  2. No-one can say you are dumb, you did get the northwood.
    Unfortunately, the scotty probably survived. They have been run on higher voltages than that by OCers, so it's probably ok. I guess you will sell it to some unsuspecting noob now wont you? If you are going to put it on a mobo, the IS7 is your best bet.
  3. Hans - I'm sorry Hans I should have been more specific. When the Prescott was in the Shuttle all the LEDs lit up but nothing happened. The only way I could turn it off was to unplug it. The Shuttle SS51G doesn't support the Prescott.

    Endyen - I was thinking about throwing together a cheap system if the Prescott survived. Currently I'm looking at the ASUS P4VP-MX. It's got integrated video and audio and it runs on PC2100, which I have some extra of.

    To the both of you, I am very greatful for your help.
  4. The chip should be just fine. The shuttle PSU probably doesnt have enough juice to boot it, let alone fry it :D

    And if you think accidentally inserting a prescott in that system is foolish, well, you haven't been around here long enough. Have a look <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A>

    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my wife. =
  5. Thanks P4Man. It's my policy never to open up and poke around a machine that's still under warranty, especially a $4,000 machine. :)
  6. o wow man that is some funny stuff! although i question its vailidity but man that made me laugh
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