Well AMD thermal shutdown works lol

I just put on my new hyper6 and plugged it into the last available power plug off one of my side case fans. I ran it through a CS:Source stress test and it froze and shut down right @ the end. When i turned the comp back on i noticed one of my side fans was not on and though to myself "[-peep-]!" just then the comp turned off again on the winxp boot screen. I re-plugged that case fan back in and rebooted. To my relief the cpu fan was also working again. Anyways Now thats all's good my temps for my 2.43ghz A64 are 29C idle and about 35C load on stock volts. I tried the chip up to 2.55ghz and its stable till something 3d is used @ which time it craps out. It'd go alot higher but i'm board limited and i cant justify another 200 bucks for a board that isnt pci/agp limited lol. Oh well thought i'd share a scare.

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  1. What are your ambient temps - because on water I get 33ish idle / 38-39 load (this is in British Summertime)

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