Computer won't boot after somehow bios auto recovery

Hello techwhizzes!

I got a problem lately which somehow i can't solve. I usually consider myself having some idea about computers but this thing is out of my league.

cpu: amd phenom II x4 955 BE
gpu:ati radeon hd 5770 ( GIGABYTE OC EDITION )
ram: 2x2gb kingston hyperx 1600 mhz
mobo: Gigabyte ga-ma790fxt ud5p
power supply: gigabyte 700 w

My computer has been getting BSOD'S for several days after installing java 7 update 8.

I somehow managed to get system back on it's track for few times with cd/usb booting but now, when i start it i just get a black screen no beeps at all and back, gpu and cpu fans are working on max.

Tried reseting bios with clr cmos button and taking the bios battery out but nothing helps.

I thought it could be hardware error and as there was black screen i suspected the gpu which was making problems before the fan came off so I replaced it with accelero l2 pro.

I don't think mobo is faulty because when i remove both ram sticks i get about 8 beeps until it restarts itself and all starts again.

But on the other hand how could it be hardware problem if comp autorecovered bios

I also thought about flashing the bios but the boot is set to floppy so i am not sure how would that work out.

Had been messing with this for few days now.

For any advices thanks in advance :D
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