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is getting a mouse feet will make your mouse more precise? im just wondering about pros when purchasing this mouse feet...
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  1. if your mouse is dragging on the mouse surface then perhaps. mouse feet are made of teflon which makes it easier to move the mouse. having a mouse surface which is easy to glide on helps. for me this is a regular cloth-rubber pad as all other surfaces tend to eat away at the teflon feet faster than normal.
  2. thanks! I think I dont need it right? since I use razer goliathus on deathadder :D
  3. not unless your mouse currently drags on the surface.

    @ your avatar

    you might be interested in the anime thread we have open in the "entertainment" subsection.
  4. hmm im not sure if it drags on surface but my performance like cod or hon is ok with my current one :D

    @anime -> of course yes! I love game, anime and jpop! I always go in akiba whenever I have a day-off ^^ imma gonna go there
  5. if it was dragging on the surface you would notice it. sounds like you are fine as is.

    feel free to join in on the conversation in the entertainment forum subsection then. its not terribly busy but a few of us stop by and read it. i must have 300-350 or so sets by now, mostly english dub releases. i'm not a huge fan of reading subtitles myself. i have some jpop and kpop [utada, boa kwon] but want to expand my collection a bit [ayu, a few others] but its rather hard to find a good selection and prices are not very good.

    if everything still goes as planned i'll be taking a trip [to japan] and one of the things i want to do is go to some music stores to work on my collection. any suggestions on stores or store chains to look for [in the tokyo + surrounding area] ? preferably that allow you to listen to things before you buy. as far as movies go... i've been looking around for a bit and the general consensus is that the only anime which have english subtitles are the major releases and not works such as those from a tv broadcast. does this sound right/is there a good way for me to tell? i'd like to pick up a few things i know will never come to the us but would prefer subtitles so i'm not completely lost haha.

    you can answer me in a pm if you prefer.
  6. I just pm you ^^
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