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I've got an Acer Aspire 5920G i've got a problem with the laptop screen not wanting to show anything everytime i boot.

If i use my laptop on an external screen (VGA or HDMI) it will show something on the external screen on every reboot, but when i'm using the laptop screen it the computer starts fine (i can hear so via Windows sound) but there isn't anything on the screen, but ussually after a couple of reboots it will work (it is not an old error its apx. a week old, at first i didn't pay any attention to it, i just assumed it kept my "external screen settings" so a reboot or two made sense.

Does anyone have any clues to the problem and posible a fix :) ?
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  1. Connecting an external monitor may help narrow down where the fault lies.
  2. If you really are seeing the laptop display work occasionally on reboots, perhaps it could be just a loose power or video connection internally or the display controller may be failing. You probably won't be able to troubleshoot or fix these problems easily so you should contact ASUS Tech Support.

    However it might also just be a display driver issue, so try updating or re-installing the display drivers for this exact model from the ASUS website. You will, of course, need to use the external screen setting while you do this, and you may even run into problems where you lose the display on the external screen while the drivers are updated. If it does, watch the hard disk activity LED until all activity has stopped, and then either hit the enter key and/or manually reboot the laptop via the power key.
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