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My brother plans on teaching in Korea and is currently trying to find a good Laptop to use when he's eastbound.

He just asked my opinion on this Y560 064658U Laptop - (in the middle of the 5) --->

Not a huge buff when it comes to laptops. He plans on playing a few games on it (mostly WoW which can run on a toaster) and misc.

In my opinion I think he should go with IdeaPad Y560(0646-2YU) for the cpu clock and to save a few $.

Asking for an opinion since mine is <= nothing at the moment in this matter.
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    For gaming it is true high clock dual-core process is better at this moment. But who knows what will happen in future lol?

    I don like the screen of Y560. High-resolution screen should of course be added to a high-performance laptop.

    BTW, it is not difficult to find coupon code that makes 064658U down to 1000.
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    Well most RTS games benefit from quad core CPUs;however, if he only plays WoW,then both of them are fine.
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