Dv 1000 RAM and hard drive upgrades?

So my brother has an HP Pavillion dv 1000 and he's looking to upgrade his RAM and hard drive, but with a budget of $100 for both. He wants a 1 x 2gb stick (I don't believe that's possible, so a relatively cheap 1 gb stick might have to do) and he said he wants a 7200 rpm hard drive.

I've googled around and found a 1 gb stick for $55: http://www.pcmemorystore.com/HP-Pavilion-dv1000_(CTO)-ram.htm and better deals?

In terms of the hard drive, I have had issues finding a compatible hard drive that is both 7200 rpm and relatively inexpensive (and he wants the capacity to be 100 GB of storage). Help please?
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  1. Update: my brother got free RAM. Now he needs the sub 100 dollar 7200 rpm 100 GB hard drive.
  2. Go to www.newegg.com, look there. 7200 rpm drives for laptop are pretty high end but you may find a few for about $100. Although they may be smaller that 100gig.
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