AMD vs INTEL part 2245632185321

heres the verdict........


i think no matter what CPU you get, you'll be pleased. they both work great and they both put out relatively good products... sometimes one performs better than the othesr. but it's all cyclicle. one will be dominant for a while, then the other, than the other.

This is competition and capitolism at it's finest. without one or the other, Innovation would grind to a halt..

Thank you AMD, Thank you INTEL for continuing to cost me lots of money in the effort to please my eyes and my...... places with fast computers
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  1. Some researchers did this study and determind that "the male mind tends to look at a purchase by determining 'how much can I afford' and 'how much more 'more' can I get?"

    Meaning, we guys look at how much money we have, and what we can buy with that money to get the most bells and whistles and stuff.

    Perfect in the computer hardware field.

    Either way, we'll be happy with what we get. It's just a matter of figuring out who is giving you the better deal in money.
  2. so i think what you're referring to is
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