Forgot admin password & can not reinstal or reboot

I forgot my administrator password and I can just log in through the guest acc. I can not install any programs or reboot my Windows 7 Ultimate. I have tried through the cmd..user account...even the reset password disk...nothing seems to work.
I have tried to re-install my windows...nothing happened.
I can not even hack myself ... -_- is there some program for doing it....but ONE THAT REALLY WORKS?!
Please help... :)
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  1. We don't get involved with so-called "hacks" here.
    When you want to re-install Windows you have to set the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device in the BIOS Setup,

    Or alternatively select CD/DVD drive at the boot menu screen if your PC has that feature (most have).

    If you don't do one of the above, your PC will ignore any bootable CD/DVD and will just keep booting from the hard drive like it usually does.
  2. phil22 gave you the answer read forum rules .
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