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Hello Everyone.

I am looking to buy a new 120hz 3D Vision Ready monitor, i was looking around and here in brazil the best one i could find, for a reasonable price is the Benq XL2410T, i've been reading several reviews abount pros and cons, and it looks awesome.

But before i go for it, i was hoping to have some feedback from users who actually use 3D on it, or know someone who did it, what are the usual problems that i may find and if it really worth it, i've already played only 3DTV on a sony television and liked it, but i know when you are with 1080p 120hz dual-link dvi the experience is even better, so i wanna go for it.

Even when not in 3D content the 120hz will be more than welcome in some games.

If you loved/hated it, please let me know why.

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  1. Also i have another Question, i cannot find about the LEDs, are they full array or not?
  2. Ok, no one answer anything, and i bought it day 01-22-2012, so here is my feedback;

    First of all, the LEDs are just on the "sides" so it is not full array.

    It is exactly how you can read on various reviews:

    I Loved it, the 120hz are amazing, I’ve readed in reviews that in some models the backlight bleeding is much big, but at least the one i got is perfect, backlight is not noticeable at nude eyes, just using a camera when the screen is totally dark you can see some bleeding.

    The screen by default really have some strange colors and i had to keep playing around the colors/features testing on movies and games until i get a solid color, and it is very good, the dark colors are really great, especially when the gamma is calibrated.

    about the 3D the glasses are still in the way... so i did not tested this yet, but even without using the 3D it is a great monitor, i really recommend a 120hz for any gamer over here, the games are much more smoother and responsiveness, mouse is much more precise, it is something you only believe if you get one.
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    I did not see your post until just now. Thanks you for posting your experience as I am looking into these as well. I have had a few ben Q's throughout the years and have been happy with each one. :bounce:
  4. Just for Conclusion purposes, I’ve tested 3D Vision and the result is simply amazing, i also have a 3D Sony Bravia and tested Nvidia 3DTV on it, with 720p 60hz, and in comparison with the 1080 p 60hz 3D Vision Ready display + 3D Vision Glasses, the 3DTV don’t get even close.

    The Differences start already with the Crosstalk, in the television i was not able to play with high depths because there was too much crosstalk, i was thinking this was normal with 3D, some games like mafia II that is 3D Ready was totally blurred due to crosstalk i think this was related to Sony TV + Glasses they just aren't for gaming, maybe with other television the result can be better... now with 3D Vision Glasses same games, like mafia 2 i can play even on maximum depth and the crosstalk have improved something like 1/10 to 9/10 it is almost perfect, some games still have a more visible crosstalk but the same games i was having a lot of crosstalk before now have disappeared and/or can only be noticed if you really are looking for it.

    Another thing I’ve noticed was the performance, I don't know if this was some driver problem or what, but I can tell that the performance with one 560 ti is even better with the 120hz display as 1080p, where in television at 720p I had to lower the graphics much lower than the settings I am using at 1080p, I don't know if this is common going from a 3DTV to a 3D Monitor or maybe I was using other drivers at the time, but the performance was really surprising to me, much better, the 3D vs. 2D Performance costs are extremely high, some games you have to go from ultra to low just to get 30 fps (1x 560 ti) but the experience is really great.

    I think this post can be closed since I don't have any more questions about this panel...
  5. since my first question was Answered by me, can this post be closed or something? i am receiving mails to select a best answer i don't know what to do.
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