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Replaceing my hp lcd dual lamp monitor with an hp single lamp monitor

I was told that my single lamp lcd replacement monitor would work in place of the orininal lcd dual lamp monitor. I have an hp pavillion laptop hdx 16 1025nr with the original p/n LTN 160AT05-001. I am having a problem getting it to work. What do I need to know to get my new single lamp replacement lcd screen to work. The hp service isn't any help. Thank You Darrell
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    Who told you that?

    Notebooks/laptops are generall designed to only work with certain components and no amount of tinkering will get them to work with devices not in the basic design. If your on-board video controller doesn't know how to talk to your non-native monitor, there is nothing you can do to re-program that video controller.

    I think you are simply out of luck on this one.
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