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Is outlook.exe available for download?
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  1. If you are using windows 7 it was removed, due to the fact of things like google mail that you can setup online to read your e-mail, and compose an e-mail also.
  2. 1) Windows 7 does contain a winmail folder, they just LOCKED it so that it does not work.
    2) Outlook (full version) is NOT a FREE program. Outlook express was, but does not work.
    3) 3 Options.
    .. A) Use Microsoft Live mail (just google it). What uSoft is PUSHING.
    .. B) Use a 3rd party email program such as Thunderbird (others available - again just goog)
    .. C) Most dificault is to "Port" win mail over from a machine runing Vista.
  3. i know you want oe, but what does your isp have?
  4. mpeek1927 said:

    Is outlook.exe available for download?

    I found Incredimail to be a perfect solution to my problem

    Mikton Peek
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