When power switch is pressed all lights come on but nothing comes on the screen

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS215Z (aka PCG-7A1M)laptop and when I press the power button all lights come on but nothing comes on the screen. I can hear something happening but when I checked I found that the fan doesnt spin. Could this all be solved with just the fan being replaced or are there any other reasons for screen not displaying anything?
Please help as I'm not sure if i should go ahead and replace the fan or if anyone knows of anything else which could be linked to this problem?
Welcome all answers, Thank You
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  1. A new fan, especially off ebay, can be very cheap, so may as well try that.

    There could be several issues here starting with the power plug, going to the motherboard and to the screen.

    Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop, turn it on and close the screen. Do you get an image on the monitor?
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