HELP!!! AMD 3000+ Boxed or OME

Hi i have found two identicel AMD 64 3000+ CPU's,

1.AMD Athlon 64 3000+ OEM £90
2.AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Retail £105 (Venice)

Which one shall i get, is it worth £15
for Fan and Box, do OME have warrernty.

Also how long will the 3000+ support my needs, i play quite alot of games (HL2 ext), how many years will a 3000+ be aceptable for. Or is it worth getting the 3200+ fow a bit more, how much longer will the 3200 last?

thank you

the turk
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  1. Boxed: Has fan & Heatsink, 3 year warrantee.
    OEM: No fan/heatsink, 30 to 90 day warrantee.

    If you are NOT going to overclock and/or use water cooling, etc., then boxed or retail is good. The boxed fan is adequate to the task.

    If you overclock or plan on using watercooling, then you're voiding the warrantee anyways, so save the few pounds and get the OEM. Then put that money and a bit more into a 3rd party HSF.

    As for how long will it last.... no one knows. I would expect at least a year before games become CPU limited on a 3000+, and at least another if you overclock it, but there's no way to know for sure. My magic 8 ball said to ask again later...

  2. The heat on the Venice core is next to nothing, so a boxed fan is MORE than adequate. I just did a stress test using "Toast" this evening...I have a standard (box) HSF and only 1 case fan...
    The highest temp after one hour was 35C, and the normal running temp is 24C.
    Given that you will still need a HSF, get the boxed one (IMHO).

  3. Same for the Winchester core. The retail heatsink included in the Boxxed version works great. All of AMDs 90nm chips run pretty cool.

    Also the OEM has a very short warrenty (something in the 30-90 day range I think). The retail box has a 3 year warrenty. Likely you will not need it, but you never know.
  4. I have seen some OEM warranties as short as 15 days. If it powers up and runs for a day it's usually not going to fail. I buy retail, OEM, and used depending upon price.

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