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I have some problem with an old Compaq Presario 2100. When running programs from the harddrive, the system generally freezes quite fast. When doing the same from my USB stick, there are no problem. It's not a heat problem. Both harddrive and system are far below any temperature that could cause any problems.

I have no problem formatting a 100 GB harddrive or to install Windows XP, but as soon as I start using the computer, f ex. installing drivers etc. the computer freezes. If I do the same and run software from the USB stick there are no problem what so ever.

Anyone have a clue to what could be the problem? Is it the IDE controller?

Kind regards

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  1. Could be a bad harddrive, do you have a extra hard drive handy.
  2. I have two hardrives, both show the same behavior in the Compaq but are working perfectly on another laptop (Thinkpad).


  3. Have you tried re-intalling the driver.
  4. I can install any software on my usb stick, that fits on it, and run it for hours, but as soon as I try to install anything on the harddrive, it freezes 8 times out of 10 within a few seconds. It might be the harddrive since it has allocation errors. I've just bought a new one.


  5. Let us know how it goes
  6. I got a brand new hard drive, format and installed Windows XP on it. All well. Installed a wifi driver, all well. Installed a browser, computer froze. It's qbvious that this has nothing to do with faulty hard drives, it has to be something else. Not har drive, no temperature issue, it probably is the motherboard or the IDE controller.

    Anyone have a clue to what needs to be done? Replace the motherboard??


  7. Are you sure it isnt the browser you are using.
    What browser and have you tried something else?
    If it is only freezing after you load the browser it could be something else software/hardware related.
  8. No, its not a software problem. It does'nt matter what software it is. A quick installation might work, but as soon as it writes and read for longer period, a lot of data being transfered, it freezes. It is as if the IDE controller has a malfunction. I don't know how to test it. But, then, it could format a whole hd and install windows without a mishap, so I'm a bit confused. Hmmm...


  9. So am I. Have you checked the Bios to make sure it is running in IDE mode.
  10. There are no possibility to change that in bios. It's an old bios, probably the original from 2002-2003.

  11. Have you tried installing on stick of memory at a time to see if it is the memory making it freeze.
    Might try it and see what happens.
    Also might try removing the cmos battery for 30sec to clear the bios.
    Hvae you checked the event viewer to see if it has logged any errors?
  12. I have run it on one memory at the time with the same result. I haven't had any luck using memtest since that takes long time to perform.

    I'm thinking that it might be an installed driver that causes this. I could format the harddrive (full format, no quick) and install Windows without any problems. That is at least an hour of contineous read/write. But after that, installed my wifi (Ralink) it freezes when read/write to the harddrive 8 out of 10.

    I'll check what happens when I clear the bios. Nothing in the evet viewer.

  13. Do you update and install all of your drivers before anything else.
  14. The Event viewer does not show any log when the computer freezes. It does show when application starts successfully, so it does work and log events. I'll keep on working to see if I can come up with a solution. But right now, I have not a clue what is the problem....

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