So whenever i try to watch a video on youtube, any video actually, all it does is the buffering circle but the video wont start. The screen stays black. Even the ads wont play. I am using Chrome, but it doesnt work on IE either. Any ideas ?

Thanks alot
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  1. i actually deleted flash and reinstalled it, still doesnt work...
  2. i've never had any problems with youtube before, this problem just came out of nowhere...
  3. Try disabling the firewall temporarily and see if still the same.
  4. nope, disabling the firewall doesn't work either..
  5. Try reinstalling Chrome.
  6. i dont think this would work, since it is not working on internet explorer either.
    I was wondering if it could be because i changed my router yesterday. however, youtube does work on other computers on the same network.
    Any ideas ?
  7. Try restoring the system to a date before the issue. It's a little bit "drastic" as a solution, but...
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