Windows 7 installer can't detect SSD to install

Hello, My name is abir
I have bought a brand new DELL PRECISION T5600 also bought SANDISK 120 gb extreme SATA 3, 6gbs ssd.
Now the problem is when i trying to install WINDOWS 7 ultimate version on this SSD . Then windows installer can't find the SATA 3 ssd. but it is working fine at windows 7 . only problem that windows installer can;t find when i trying install the operating system on this SATA 3 ssd. But windows 8 installer can find SATA 3 SSD, very nicely. windows 8 is okey to find this sata during installation. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE ??? I WOULD BE VERY MUCH GREATFULL.
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    Insert ssd in sata 2.0 @ win7 instalation.after instalation complete.
    Update windows .Automatically detect and install latest best driver and fix all issues.
    Update hdd/ssd firmware.
    all over then insert the ssd in sata 3.0 port.
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  3. Dear hytecgowthaman

    Thank you very much for help. i am so grateful to you that you are helping me.
    Today i tried long times to solve the problem. I was put my SSD 3 hard drive at SATA 2.0 port install windows 7 and everything is updated now. and i was put my SSD 3 at SATA 3 PORT. but still same problem windows 7 can't boot from SSD when i insert this at SATA 3 port.
    I can't update hdd/ssd firmware.
    Can u learn me how do i update sandisk extreme 120 gb ssd3 6gbs FIRMWARE in my computer so that i can use it as a primary OS hard drive ?
    Again Thank you very much for your help. you are so kind to me.

    Best wishes and happy Christmas
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