Constant BSOD. Need Help

For a week now I have been getting BSODs at random points during computer use. The amount of times they have happened to the right.

Page_Fault_in_Nonpaged_Area (Lots)
Bad_Pool_Header (Lots)
Modification of System Code x1

It has also forcibly ran CHKDSK twice.

Windows 7 Home Prenium x64 bit
Intel Core i7 2.80 ghz, 2801 MHz, 4 core
System Model: Studio XPS 8100
System Manufacuter: Dell Inc.
Installed Ram: 12 GB
1.35 TB Harddrive (Cant find model number in Device Manager for Some Reason)
AMD HD Radeon 6850

I have tried run system restore, rebooting, and reseting mem sticks+videocard) and a kaspersky virus scan.
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    Sounds like a faulty memory module.
    Have you tried memtest86+ download from here...
    burn to disk or usb and boot with it...
    Hope this helps.
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