Extremely long boot up for Windows 7

About a month ago when turing on the system, would come up with a nfts error, would automatically try scan disk, which failed saying no room on computer even though there was 350gb free. Would then reboot to windows 7 and operated fine. Over time the reboot process was taking longer and longer. Now it usually takes hours (up to 4 or more) for it to load up Windows 7, if at all. Once loaded system works fine. Often it does not. And just turns itself off. Attempted to do system repair, which failed. Tried to reload windows 7, but all i have is an upgrade disk and says everything up to date. Any thoughts? Thinking of upgrading to windows 8. would this fix the problem?
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  1. Do a complete backup. Then check the hard disk for errors. If the hard disk is bad, then clone the hard disk on to a new hard disk. Install the new hard disk.
  2. Hdd sectors corrupted.so contact custamercare to provide warenty.
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