Windows 7 does not detect acer s201hl

Bought new HP Pavillion computer, Windows 7. Only has DVI capability so I go out and buy new monitor: Acer s201hl.
Unfortunately Windows 7 doesn't recognize it. So it displays - but everything is super big - but it won't let me adjust resolution.
I attach my friend's Samsung - no problem, it is perfect. Reattach the Acer - still same problem.
I am sure there is something simple I am missing? I do have a VGA cable - I guess I can get an adapter - but why must i lose the DVI capability?
Is this Acer's problem or Windows 7 problem? Who can help?
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  1. Thanks -

    Didn't work
    Called HP - they said it is the computer's fault not the monitor.
    So I have to ship PC to HP for new motherboard :(
  2. Have you ran Windows 7 Update and check HP for updated video drivers?
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