Best ? Anti: Virus/Spyware/Malware, etc ...

"Which is the "BEST" Anti: Virus/Spyware, etc ....
"Best" is a relative term - So let me ask it this way.

Which Anti *.* software(s) have been the MOST successful in doing what they were suppose to do? While also considering:

1. Price- Bang for the Buck. Im happy to pay,- if its worth it however, lately Ive been finding Open Source software that is every bit as good as high priced pay software! (but if you use thier stuff Please reward them for their efforts)

2. Least amount of Overhead

3. Plays Nicely with other (security) Software
I have found some security software works fine with others, while others (like Kaspersky) do not!
Id prefer to have a bit of redundancy at times, but Im not psycho paranoid

4. I have a small home network and it would be nice if I could have something that would "do it all" I am Not adverse to setting up a computer I had a few years ago, a later XP computer I have in the closet to watch the network.
> I would like VERY Much to know where every packet of information is coming in from, and going out to. Who/Where/When/Why/What/HowMuch/WhatDirection .. that kinda thing ...

Please do NOT recommend Kaspersky - as a former computer shop owner (not to be confused with a TECH! :non: )I STILL have customers complaining about what Kaspersky has (or has NOT) done to/for them! Ive had it with Kaspersky! Their last prank did to me (and I STILL have about 450 days left on my subscription)
They SHUT DOWN my security while I was gone for an extended weekend, COMPLETELY leaving my system TOTALLY EXPOSED! and I am still having problems - so we will be reloading from an original image created after the initial install about 2 yrs ago - after this post.
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  1. :bounce: Comodo Internet Security :bounce: , I'm using it from 2 years now, and it's the best IMO. I used kaspersky and bitdefender earlier but CIS is better. :) . Try it once, surely u'll like it, also it's free. Here's the link:
  2. I don't feel like I have to pay to get good protection, I've been using Unthreat Antivirus and I'm happy with it. I haven't tried it with other antiviruses so I can't say how effective it is to that end, but I feel that it works perfectly on it own, I don't really need another security software. You can read more about Unthreat here if you like
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