Intel P4HT Laptop, SHOULD I BUY?

I need a computer for ...
MS Office 07
Web browsing
Gaming - games like... (Unreal Tourn. 2004, CS:Source, CoD MW, Halo 2, NFS Shift, World in conflict, wow)

I'm a college student who wanted to buy a BIG BULKY POWERHOUSE Computer (I'll also add a usb cooling fan pad for it)
And I'm going to buy a little netbook to take to class to type notes on, I type faster then I can write... And lugging around a freaking 10 lb laptop with a 16" screen everyday to school is not a good idea, hence the net book.

With that being said... What do you think of these two beasts?
I can buy one in good order for $250-$310

Dell Inspiron XPS
Pentium 4 HT @ 3.4 ghz
ATI Radeon 9700 @ 128 mb
2 gig ram

Dell Inspiron 9100
Pentium 4 HT @ 3.4 ghz
ATI Radeon 9700 @ 128 mb
1 gig of ram

Are these computers to obsolete for their own good?
They seem fast on paper... I'll be doing raw installs of XP sp3 and I keep A VERY VERY VERY Clean system...

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  1. Your going to have problems running those games on a 128mb graphics, especially in a laptop. Can you give us a budget estimate?
  2. Budget $315 max.
    Buying from reputable sellers on ebay.

    I used to have a Dell Latitude with a Geforce 64 mb gfx card w/ 1 gb of ram and a p4 1.8ghz processor.

    It ran all of those games with the exception of world in conflict, nfs shift and halo 2

    here is a video of a 9100 playing cod Modern warfare with the same specs I listed only 2 gigs of ram...

  3. Read the comments, the author reveals some info about performance. Not much of it good news. That vid of him playing CoD4, all settings were on low, and the res at 640x480. And the FPS was only "18-25". So you may be able to play some games, just not well at all.
  4. Right, which is fine.
    I really cannot get much more for $315.

    In your opinion do you think the computer is a good machine if I could get it for $250?
  5. If it is what you want, then by all means get it. I'm not sure about all the games, but I'm sure that info could be turned up by google, and Can you run it
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