Turn of the beeping of my UPS.


Can anyone plz tell me how to tone down, or turn off the "battery on" beeping sound of my UPS???
It's driving me crazy, with small voltage fluctuations, it keeps going 'beep-beep' like 7-8 times and then silences, then again in five minutes or so, the bugger beeps again.

My UPS is some chinese product, (Perfect power solutions, smthing lyk that) and ever since I had it, my problems have been magnifying in nature and annoyance.

Is there any hardware tweak that I can do to shut the noise off or at least lower it???

Anything will be appreciated!!
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  1. Why you shouldn't go for cheap stuff :)

    Being constructive, does the UPS come with software for controlling it from the PC? You'll have to go through all the tabs/menu items to find one that's labeled something like disable warnings.

    If you can't do that, well there's always surgery to remove the buzzer, but I can't help there since I don't know where the buzzer is located.
  2. Yeah, I was also thinking about getting rid of the buzzer, since I dont have any software or manual for it.

    Googling didn't turn up the basic components of a UPS circuit, so I am feeling hopeless.
  3. After a bit of googling, I came across something called a line conditioner. Basically, it should step up the voltage going to the UPS when the mains dips, but also protect against surges. I haven't used one myself so I can't give any advice, but they might help to ensure that the UPS gets a consistent voltage so that it doesn't activate and start beeping. APC makes line conditioners, and there are probably others.
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