Looking for 13-14 inch laptop with gpu $800

Hey guys!

i'm currently looking for a 13.3-14 inch laptop for uni. I want a gpu, integrated or dedicated but i want to be able to at least play SC2 on high, if not med settings. My price range is around $800 although less is better for me and I live in Canada.

I was looking at the aspire timelineX series:

but it's only available at microcenter, which is US only :(

another series, is the gateway ID49C series:

or the sony vaio s series, although there isn't a dedicated gpu.

which one of these 3 is best, or do you have any more recommendations?

Thanks in advance! :D
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    Between those,the Acer one has a much more powerful VGA so it will give you the best gaming performance.
    In your price range, i couldn't find any laptops with a good mid-range card, the cheapest option i found was
    Which is worth it though,anything lower than 5650M(or GT 330M) won't give you a good performance in games.
  2. Hey!
    thanks for the welcome Maziar! :D
    sorry for the late reply though, I've been kinda busy lately.
    anyways, i took your advice about the gpu and stuck with an acer aspire timelineX series, to be exact: the 3820TG model

    13.3 inch
    i3 370
    5650 gpu
    4 gb ram

    however no dvd drive. but for 860 (including tax, 750 excluding)

    Also, for others in the market for a timelineX, there's also the 4820TG, which is 14 inch, an i5, w/ a dvd drive for 800 on just search it up
    I actually didn't know about the 4820TG until my 3820TG was shipping so I couldn't get one, although, the 3820TG is more portable, which is a plus for me as I will be travelling frequently to school with it, and most things are becoming digital.

    We'll see what happens- 3820TG on Mon :D
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  4. No prob,hope you enjoy it :)
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