HP Photosmart C5100A Scanner Problem

I am trying to recalibrate my long unused PhotoSmart C5100A SCSI scanner. I have a 'symptom' but no indication of what it is intended to communicate.

1) To make a fresh start, I unplug the power cord (I can also accomplish this by opening and closing the scanner top.)

2) The scanner sets itself to scan slides

3) I press the settings bar and it moves to negatives.

4) When the light is steady and then off, I press again to go to prints.

5) With much grinding, etc it moves through the 'print' setting and resets the opening for slides and then all the lights illuminate as though it might be 'ready' to scan slides, 35 mm negative, and up to 5x7 prints. It is 'hung' at this point and will do nothing until I 'reboot' it by going to step (1) above. This light display also shows when the cover is open.

6) I can get it to scan a slide. I control it using VueScan. Unfortunately, the resulting scan is badly out of focus, so I think the scanner needs to be calibrated.

7) I seem to be able to do a 'reasonable' job of scanning 35 mm color negative strip.

8) The problem does not seem to be SCSI driver related. I can unplug the SCSI cable and the above sequence can be repeated.

What am I doing wrong?

I have tried the 'classic' remedy of inverting the scanner and taking it through all three settings. I behaves as above when upside down.


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  1. [Dear Baumgrenze,

    I am having the exact same problem in Windows 7 and I believe it's having problems in this Windows 7 enviroment. I am working on this issue. I was able to get the scanner to calibrate by uninstalling its software a reinstalling as if I was installing for the first time but after that, the sega continues as you mention. I'll let you know if I solve the problem.
  2. I see I could have been more explicit.

    I am still running XP-Pro/SP-3 fully patched.

    I can't get my scanner to 'stop' at the setting where it is configured to accept up to 5 x 7 prints, i.e., the calibration card.

    Here are some particulars:

    Adaptec SCSI Card 29160N - Ultra160 SCSI
    MS Driver 5.1.2600.2180 (7/1/01)

    HP PhotoSmart
    Provider: Hamrick Software
    Date: 1/10/99

  3. Try this. Go to "Device Manager and unistall the scanner. Then completely unplug scanners power. Uninstall HP software. Reinstall software then it should ask you to shut down PC. Then power up scanner and then PC. Your PC should recognize scanner and reinstall it. Then open up HP Photosmart softare and hit button on front until it gets to prints. If it stops successfully, you should be able to calibrate the scanner with your calibration card. This seems to work for me.

    Good luck!
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