Difference between sockets 754 and 939?

Basically, I've almost decided to buy an AMD Athlon 64. Now i want to decide whether to buy a 3400+ using the 754 socket or the 3200+ using the 939 socket. Both cost around the same, but i want to know which one would be better for gaming.

I also want to know the P4 equivalent of the 3200+, 3400+ as well as the 3500+

Would getting a 3500+ instead of the 3200/3400 ones i stated earlier give me a performance boost worthy of the price (which is around US$50 more expensive here in Hong Kong)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. If they are the same price buy a s939. Many people are going to come on here now and show you some bench marks where the s754 has a slight advantage, but I assure you the performance of these chips is very close. As well, the s754 is no longer in production which means that any further upgrades you should make would require a new mobo and a new CPU if you go s754. Now some people are going to come on here and say that upgradability doesn't matter for just a CPU because nobody ever just upgrades a CPU. But that is not true, I just recently had the opportunity to upgrade one of my 3200+ chips up to a new venice core for a very good price and I couldn't resist selling my old one to a friend and getting the new one.

    To make a long story short, I would get s939.
  2. Socket 754 will accept Sempron or A64 uses AGP and like starfishy said AMD is not releasing new CPUs for it.

    Socket 939 will accept A64 or a dual core X2 uses PCIe and I think it's the better alternative.

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  3. So basically, a Athlon 3400+ 754 will beat a 3200+ 939 in performance, right?
  4. The socket 939 also has dual channel memory, I don't know about the socket 754 though.

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  5. Well, we have seen benchies going both ways on this. But yes, for the most part it is true. If you find a s754 and set it up the same as an s939 then you will see better performance out of the s754. But once again I will stress that it is not upgradable, and you won't be able to use PCIe, you couldn't get a venice core, you can't ever go SLI, I just don't like that option.

    We haven't really seen performance tests showing the s754 vs a s939 venice, so I don't know how they would stack up against eachother.
  6. Socket 754 is single channel, 939 is dual channel. 754 is now the 'budget' platform, and the 3700+ (2.4ghz) is the fastest cpu AMD has said they'll release for it.

    Here's the funny thing about 754/939 comparisons: If you compare PR ratings (the 3000+, 3200+, etc.) 2 CPUs with the same PR rating and the 754 comes out a bit ahead. That's because a 754 3200+ is 2.2ghz w/512k cache, and a 939 3200+ is 2.0ghz w/512k cache. Dual channel helps, but not enough to overcome the 200mhz clock difference.

    If you compare actual clock speeds, a 754 3200+(2.2g/512k) and a 939 3500+ (2.2ghz/512k), then the 939 will win because of dual channel.

    IMO, unless money is exceedingly tight, get 939.


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