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After playing several games the other night, I lifted the playfield to
change a couple bulbs. Changed 'em and put everything back. turned on the
game and got all the lights, but it would not boot up. No flashes on the
board. Nothing
I lifted the playfield again and noticed that the coil stop for the kickout
hole was laying on the bottom of the cabinet. There was only one screw down
there...And I think it wasn't even the right screw for the job (I've only
owned the game for 5 months-with no problems).
I put the coil stop back in with 2 new screws, turned the machine back on
and it's the same. Lights, but no action.
I took out the fuses one at a time and tested them ( just to make sure I did
that right, what should I set the meter on when I test the fuses from the
rectifier board?) and they all seem fine.
I even took a new Alltek board from another machine, set it for $6milman,
put it in, and still get nothing but all the lights. Looks totally normal
except that it's not kicking over.
Any ideas what's going on?
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    Continuity, or very low ohm's, like 0. I've had plenty of them look ok
    but are open.

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    I'll bet you're only getting 6 flashes from the LED on the MPU board -
    take a look and see how many you get when you turn it on, but don't
    count the initial flicker. After that you should get 1 quick flash and
    6 more 'regular' flashes. If you only get 6, not 7, the MPU is missing
    the 43VDC. Hmmm, that's the same voltage that visits all the coils, so
    I'm thinking when the coil fell, it somehow shorted the 43VDC and
    either blew the fuse, or did more damage (like maybe it was over fused
    and the bridge blew?).

    On the rectifier board, check F4 - should be a 5A fuse. If it's OK,
    turn the machine on and check the voltage at TP5 on the rectifier board
    - should be around 43VDC, w/ the black lead on ground. If that's OK,
    find the diode under the relay housing on the solenoid/regulator board
    (left of the MPU). With the black lead still on ground, you should
    also have 43VDC on the BANDED side of that diode.

    good luck!


    Steve Kulpa (cargpb10 - sigh)
    Hermitage, TN
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    oops, I forgot one more thing, you should also have 21VDC at TP3 on the
    MPU too - that's where the 43v from the power supply comes to the MPU.
    w/o that, you won't get the 7th flash.

    steve again

    Steve Kulpa (cargpb10 - sigh)
    Hermitage, TN
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    Hi Steve, he wasn't getting any flasheson the mpu... like no 5v or no
    12v or something else.

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    Yeah, I told him that in an e-mail, but I can't see why a falling coil
    would blow the 5V, unless it totally smoked the rectifier board's 43v
    section, taking other innocent victims with it. Or it totally smoked
    the outhole coil driver circuit, taking innocent victims from there
    along w/. it. (did I spell victims right?)

    Steve Kulpa (cargpb10 - sigh)
    Hermitage, TN
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