Printer says disconnected but its plugged in

Can anyone please help answer why I'm getting an error trying to install my laser printer?
As soon as I put the disk in to install, the next step is plugging the printer into the computer.
I have plugged it into every USB port I have & it still pops up with an error window saying "device is not connected or power is turned off." But the printer is on & it is connected to the computer via USB cable! I've tried multiple cords & a 2.0 USB hub & cable, but still the same result. I am operating w/windows Vista & It's a brand new Samsung Laser Printer which is compatible....Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Open Device Manager (right click on Computer in the start menu, click on Properties, click on Device Manager). Check for any devices that haven't been properly detected. They will have a yellow icon next to them.

    Test your USB ports using a flash drive just to make sure that the PC isn't faulty.
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