Cant install drivers for soundblaster live 24 bit

hey everyone installed windows 7 rc 7100 and first i cant get my wireless internet to work dont know why i have the drivers and i select the folder but says windows did no find any drivers. but its not a big problem cuz by cable it works. But i was just wondering why. and second have a soundblaster 24bit sound card and got the drivers on cd it came with and when i put it in says i cant install them because windows didint find any cards connected. And in device manager it shows sound blaster live.

and also since im asking do i have to install my video card and motherboard and all that. Because seems like everything works good so im guessing windows comes with all those drivers but i dont have an ati icon like i used to in the taskbar like in windows xp. Is it because all the stuff is controlled thru windows?
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  1. Default drivers are available through Windows update, and 7 will automatically download and install what it determines is appropriate and available. check Device Manager - If there are no warning flags, I'd leave it alone unless there were a specific issue you are trying to address.

    Regarding your Video Card: ATI have up to date Windows 7 drivers available at

    Regarding your Sound Card - Go to Creative and see if they have a Vista driver for it. Be advised that Creative "End of Life'd" a large number of products when Vista was released, so you may not be able to obtain a new/working driver for 7. The solution is to replace the old sound card: Preferably with one from a *Reputable* manufacturer.
  2. thanks about the graphic card solution it worked. now ima try to get my sound card to work.
  3. hmm when i run the lastest drivers for my card which are made for vista and windows 7 it says can not find a supported product on this pc. and then the set up quits. I have a 5.1 system and seems i cant get it to work. ill try connectin it to my motherboards audio and see if that works.
  4. You said it showed up in Device Manager, but the new drivers don't detect a supported product? Creative may no longer support your card...
  5. its funny cuz the drivers are for that card. But anyways i tried the onboard sound using realtek hd audio manager and im getting close but in the manager i do the test for the speakers and all of them work. But when i go to play music only the 2 front , center and bass works. Why is that? why dont the 5.1 surround sound work. In the test the sound comes out from everyspeaker and its set to 5.1 is there something else i have to change.
  6. Music is stereo... only 2 speakers + sub. You'll have to start up a game that supports surround sound to be sure it's working... or fire up a DVD or Blu-Ray.
  7. really well in xp when i play music is was surround sound. But that was using sound blaster live and now im using the realtek shyt. But im pretty sure it still should be 5.1
  8. well u are right about that cuz i dl a sample vid with 5.1 and it works but how do i regulate the speakers volume in the realtek so the rear speakers are a bit louder. not the main volume just each speaker. But thats weird the soundblaster played everything in 5.1
  9. You might want to get a new Creative Card. My X-fi works fine even in 5.1 mode.
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