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my laptop keeps crashing. guring starup it shows a black screen and says check disk, then when i'm doing something like surfing or playing a game it suddenly goes to blue screen saying that it prevented something so it need to be shut down please help. thanks a lot!
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  1. Are there any external devices plugged into the computer? If so, remove them and allow the chkdsk to complete as it is attempting to check the file system for errors. If it is constantly looping like that it is a good indication of something being plugged in such as a jump drive or SD card in the memory card slot, etc.

    As for the blue screen try to get the following information:
    STOP Code: (if any) usually something like 0x0000007A, etc.
    Message: yadda yadda (this will usually be a description including a filename or scripting error)
  2. hedwar,
    first off, thanks for replying. in the blue screen it usually says MEMORY_MANAGEMENT or POINTER something and NON_PAGE. do i have to reformat this?
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