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Blue Screen of Death Issues

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
a b D Laptop
September 25, 2010 5:51:38 AM


I originally posted this on the Toshiba Laptop forums, but I have not had a reply. I have a Toshiba A500-02J.

I have a problem with my laptop. It keeps bluescreening whenever I play games. Now, since this problem only occurs when I try to play a game, I assume it has something to do with the graphics card. I've first had this problem when I first bought my laptop, half a year ago. I solved it by downloading the latest driver on NVIDIA's website (by the way, I have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M). Recently, this problem popped up again and so I reformatted my computer in hopes of solving the problem. It still persisted, and downloading the newest driver didn't help. I tried the driver specifically for my laptop on Toshiba's driver page. I even downloaded all of the beta and archived drivers and I have tested all but 3 of them, but this problem is still here. My friend suggested to try GPU-Z, which moniters the temperature of the graphics card. The "resting" temerature was always in the mid to high 40 degrees, and when I played a game, the highest it got was 55 degrees. Normally, when I got the Bluescreen, the reason was always IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or something along those lines, and when I googled it, the solution was always to update the video driver. For the first time, though, I got an error something along the lines of uncorrectable hardware error. I tried to read a minidump of a Bluescreen by myself using Microsoft's Debugging Tools, but it made no sense to me. Is there anyone who has, or has had the same probem as I have or that can help me read the minidumps? Any help at all is appreciated.

EDIT: I took another look at all of my 15 or so minidumps and the first half were due to a JMicron card reader driver (which I have just updated), only one due to an NVIDIA driver and the last half were due to a hardware error. Is there any way to find out which piece of hardware is malfunctioning just by looking at the minidumps or do I have to use another program?

EDIT 2: I ran memtest86+ for 16 hours and after 14 passes, nothing was wrong with my RAM, so I believe I can rule that out. Are there any other programs that will let me test my hardware for faults like memtest did for the RAM? Or is my only option to bring it in to an authorized Toshiba repair place?
September 25, 2010 5:54:31 AM

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