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I have recently bought a DELL INSPIRON 1764
and now its not starting up
It is giving continuous beeps and gets hanged on the start up boot page (where the dell logo appear at time of start up).
This continues until and unless I press any key and then it goes on as usual and boots up properly.

Akshay Jadhav
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  1. go into the BIOS and turn off the logo screen so you can see what error is causing the BEEPs
  2. Which is the key for BIOS ?
  3. Which is the key for BIOS ?
  4. Bios key depending on system can be F2, F10, delete, or possible any key. The logo on screen should tell you the bios key. These beeps could be caused by your keyboard itself. Most bios have a holt on all error. If the error is something you can live with but change this setting.
  5. display says that F2 is the key for SETUP but it is not working.
  6. Try a different KB may fix your beeping and allow you in bios. Make sure the KB is plugged in good. This may require you to disconnect your laptops KB from the motherboard. If the beeps does stop you can find replacements dell keyboards on most auction sites.
  7. some keyboards have F-mode key you need to press to enable the Function keys.
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