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I have a Samsung LN4071f1 (40") TV that I use for PC gaming. It's great, and I bought it specifically for the specs. here

We're wanting to put a flat screen in the bedroom, and I'm trying to figure out if I should 1) just get a cheaper one for the bedroom since I don't need great quality for TV (compared to gaming) or 2) take the opportunity to upgrade the PC gaming monitor and use the Samsung in the bedroom.

I haven't kept up with what's out there, and if I could find better than what I have for gaming. Or is the Samsung still really good, and I should just stick with it? Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

(On a side note, what's the outlook on PC gaming and 3D? Is it worth looking in that direction, or do most people think it won't catch on. I haven't kept up with that either!)
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  1. you will want a 1080p tv for your room in case you end up hooking up blueray, internet tv or hd content. buying 720p would be throwing money out the window. however, i agree that you can get a smaller cheaper set without bells and whistles.

    general advice is to stay away from 120/240hz 3d tvs if you hook it up to a pc. there are reports of excessive lag even in 60hz pc mode on certain devices.

    3d in general is a gimmick. the effect is like sliding paper over paper so its not very realistic. definitely not worth the eye damage you will be incurring. its a fad.


    what should you do?

    keep the tv for your pc since you seem to be happy with it.

    buy a smaller tv for your bedroom. a 32 or 40 inch screen would be fine. 60hz is also fine. i would suggest led in case you want to wallmount it since they are MUCH lighter. i prefer using sony tvs and devices since you can use one remote for everything. you're probably looking at around $450-550. or $600 including a wallmount and cables. depending on brand of course. avoid vizio, olevia and other cheap brands if you can.
  2. Thanks for the reply. What I'm really wondering is looking at the specs of the Samsung TV I have, are there better ones out today for gaming? I like what I have, but didn't know if there was better.
  3. i have a sony bravia around 3-4 years old now and i would not trade it in for any 120/240hz models even if i was given them free. i've heard of too many problems when hooking them up to a pc.

    however, 60hz models should work fine in case you wanted to upgrade.

    the problem is that the television technology which could be "better" appears on flagship models which are 120 or 240hz.

    see the issue?

    so yes there may be better screens but is it worth taking a chance that you will have some of the issues others have with 120/240hz screens?
  4. Good answer, thank you for the advice!
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