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after reading this post:

I was thinking about making a Pentium M system maby like this:
Aopen i915Ga-HFS
Pentium M 770 2.13 GHz
some DDR2 ram, nice PCIe gfx card and so on..

the question is: will this perform some think like the system in the test above? or is there some thing i missed..??

Thx for response.

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  1. I dont think they run with DDR2, but im not sure.

    ASUS P5WD2 Premium
    Intel 3.73 EE @ 5.6Ghz
    XMS2 DDR2 @ 1180Mhz

    <A HREF="" target="_new">#2 CPUZ</A>
    SuperPI 25secs
  2. Hey, you can go that rout, expense is the only thing that holds me back.

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  3. Your results may vary. Please remember that the choice of benchmarks, and how other chips faired, may have been engineered to put the dothan chip in the best possible light.
    Nor would I recommend an acer mobo to anyone.
    If you really feel the need to spend outrageous amounts of money, to get near Amd type performance from an Intel chip, you would be better served by using the Asus adaptor, and a supported mobo.
  4. Pentium M is a nice chip, but at those prices, I wouldn't even consider one, since an A64 3500+ will buy you 98% of its performance for a fraction of the cost, all while providing a tangible upgrade path (dual core, faster chips,..), 64 bit compatibility, and a wide range of properly supported motherboards. Not too mention it barely consumes more power, if that was a selling point for you.

    With the PM you would be stuck in a 32 bit world, have an extremely low volume motherboard (meaning likely late/poor BIOS and driver updates/support), possibly no upgrade path at all (will Yonah fit ? Would you even want one in 2006/7 since its still 32 bit only ?) and you have to pay through your nose.

    Now mind you, I'm sure there are some situations where none of that matters, but I just can't think of any right now :)

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  5. I think your limited to a very few boards...(you must look up which ones have adapters, which ones support adapters, and what the board/adapter in all supports). If you could get one together, it should be like that, cost you $150+ less than a FX55, and run very close to it in gaming. I've heard though that you can't raise the volts on them, but I've also heard people getting 300-500MHZ overclock (on the 2.13)with stock cooler and stock voltages...either way though, you need to do alot more research on what you need before you do this, I'm pretty sure ASUS has some board/adapters.
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