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Hi, I'm looking for the best laptop cooler for my HP HDX 18 I need it mostly for gaming without overheating more than 2 hours. I don't care the price, I don't care if is noisy or quiet, I don't care how much power it uses I want a cooler that it can actually cools down my laptop while gaming like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead and Starcraft 2. Thanks
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    I have a rosewill model that is fairly cheap, but I am not impressed with its cooling ability. I think it may be better just from getting the case up oiff the surface on my table!

    Antec has a model that looks superior to me. It is around $50 though.
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  3. For Antec cooler 200 do you or anyone know how to clean the dust off the fan?
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