Athlon 64 3200+ question

Still kinda new to all of this, so I wanted to know if the stock CPU cooler is sufficient on this processor (Athlon 64 3200+ venice core), assuming decent overall case ventilation.

I'm not necessarily planning on OCing, but if I were to learn enough to the point of being comfortable, I would definitely try it out, as I heard this is a great CPU for it. In that case, would an upgrade be recommended? Thanks!
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  1. The stock cooler is perfectly fine for even reasonably heavy overclocking.

    My Winchester 3200+ (2Ghz) would do 2.6Ghz on the stock cooler. I did replace it, but due to noise considerations rather than heat really - not that it's a very noisy cooler, but of course it's not particularly quiet. Louder than a Boxed P4 Northwood's cooler, but a lot quieter than a P4 Prescott one.

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