dual xeon and XP-pro

howdy guys,
ok, i got this machine to run XP no hassle, thing is that when i go to the system window, it only mentions one processor, there's no indication that there is a second one although it does see it in the harware manager and CPU-z see's it no hassle too.

is this just the way it does it or have i to tell windows to utilize the second CPU?

ta muchly.

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  1. IN TASK MANAGER I think under the View menu you can choose to show the utilisation graph as one or two cpu.

    I dont know if thats what you meant but if cpu-z and such tells you theres 2 cpu, windows is already using both of them thats for sure!

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  2. I'm pretty sure windows will devide the program work between the two processors relatively autmaticly, but if you wish to do this manually, open the Task manager, and go to the processes tab. Right click on the task you wish to modify and select "set affinity." It'll give you a list of cores, two if no HT, four if hyperthreading. All are selected so it automaticly selects the "CPU" to use. Uncheck the ones you don't want it to use, by doing this you can set programs to thier own processor.
  3. Ahh the pure sweetness of dual chips.....
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