I want to install windows 7 without raid configuration

Dear All,

I want to Install Windows 7 on Gigabyte GA-P35-GS4 Model Motherboard. Having 1 hard disk with 500 GB. I have tried alot but not working. I can install windows xp but cannot install windows - 7.

I made setting in BIOS to AHCI. But when its saying press any key to continue... after pressing showing bootmgr is missing.

can u suggest me what are the settings i have to make to install windows 7 without raid.

Thanks for advance
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  1. you don't need raid to setup windows. if you're bios is set to raid you can still use one disk like normal
  2. Sorry but your wrong there, Raid must be disabled as it will be looking for the bootmgr of both the drives in raid mode, as they are paired as one drive essentially.
    Raid should always be turned off as a fact since the minimum amount of drives to make a raid array is 2.
    Since you only have one Hdd it should be turned off. And Sata interface should be set to Sata mode.

    If you are booting from a dvd to install the new OS, then you will have to go into the bios and set the boot order of the devices. To do this press one of theses keys when you power the computer on Del key, F1 key, or the F2 key.

    Once in the bios go to the boot options menu and you will see a list of devices the Dvd drive needs to be set to number one and the Hdd needs to be set to number two.
    Save the settings in the bios and exit.
    You should get a message on the next reboot to say "Press any key to boot from dvd drive". It may be the case that the windows 7 Disc is not a bootable version but has to run through windows to install or upgrade the system also. So a prior working os like xp may be needed Abbadon. Hope it helps
  3. I have done this many times. A single hard drive on the controller, but not in raid. or multiple drive, again, not in raid. Some boards used to require enabling the raid controller for more drives, and then setting PATA mode, then just using the drive or drives normally.
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