Computer wont start up!!!

I just put together my system and when i go to start it up it does 2 fast beeps continuously and it isnt listed in the manual what the fast 2 beeps mean. It may be a Raid problem because i am new to that and i have my master harddrive connected up to that. What is a Raid Controller? Does anyone have a clue what the problem is. I made sure all the case connectors are right to the motherboard.
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  1. Duh list of hardware.

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  2. Also check the sticky post at the top of the motherboards section.


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  3. Aspire XInfinity Gaming Case
    Pentium 630 3ghz cpu
    Asas P5AD2-Premium motherboard
    1024mb ddr2 533 ram
    Geforce fx6600GT
    Western Digital WD800jd 80GB HardDrive
    Nec Burner
    ............ lots of other little stuff that shouldnt be a problem
  4. With award bios continous short beeps is memory. It is either not seated correctly, missing or inconpatible.

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  5. Sorry that board has ami bios...

    Check this site

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  6. Do you think the problem could have been the 4 pin motherboard connector from the powersupply??? i aint use to Pentiums and they had these things but the athlons i ran never did?! I think i fixed it but i will try again. It isnt the Ram or video i have tried that several times and they are brand new so they cant be the problem
  7. What about the extra power 4pin power connector on the video card? That is necessary for it to function.

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  8. yeah i found out i need a new powersupply or a 20 pin to 24 pin adapter for the motherboard.... i am stupid i cant believe i didnt see that earlier. Anyone know a good powersupply or a adapter to get?
  9. Fortron 500W bluestorm

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