What are the plastic clips that are in my laptop called?

I took apart my Toshiba A-105-4084 laptop. Some of the plastic cilps broke when I was pulling out the wire strips. How can I replace them? Do you know what tey are call? Please let me know. Thanks.
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  1. Uh-Oh, not good at all. I hope you didn't break any clips on the mobo. I would google this if I were you: "toshiba a-105-4084 internal cables" or search ebay


    here's a really good site I just found last nite:

    Good luck!
  2. You'll have to be more specific. are they the wi-fi cables? for camera? Mic? power button? etc. anyway worst case if you cant push the wires back into the plastic housing you can solder or pay a shop to solder the wires strait to the system board. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE THE WIRES GO OBVIOUSLY. Anyway best of luck. Post a picture if you can or give us a link to a picture.
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