please help, improper cpu speed issue

hi guys, im having this annoying poblem about system hung up. i bought my pc for about 2 years now, the problem im having is that my pc hangs when i turn it back on after played some 3d games. so i had to cut the power and turn it on again. then i got this error message says: During the last boot up your system hung for an
improper CPU Speed Setting.Your systems is working in safe mode.
To optimize the system performance and reliability, make sure the
CPU speed conforms to the specifications of your CPU.
now i've never overclocked my cpu nor any parts of the pc. heres the spec:
400watts psu
p4 2.67ghz 533fsb
ASUS P4PE mobo
2X DDR333 kingston ram PC2700
6600gt agp at stock
80G hdd
i searched some answeres from google wif poeple having similar problems, some say clear the CMOS, some say voltage flactuation etc, i just dont know do which really. the problem is happening more frequent lately and i would really appreciat any assistances please.
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  1. I would try bumping up the cpu vcore slightly, or try a different power supply. Asus bios is very picky about rpm and voltage readings, and if your power supply (for example) is slightly undervolted, it may cause the false alarms. This is the main reason I stopped using asus products. I had the same problem with the p4s533 board, and sold it.
  2. the thing is i bought the new 400w psu 2 days ago, although i had the same hung up problem before when i had my 350w psu. so is it safe to adjust the cpu vcore and by how much? i just never done that before.
  3. You can safely adjust the cpu vcore by +.05. For example, if the default voltage reads 1.50 in the bios, then you would set it at 1.55. The temperature difference will be minimal, if any. This is a safe voltage for any "b" or "c" series p4. I run my 2.8c at this setting and it overclocks by 30%. If the problem persists, you can always set it back to the default voltage. It won't hurt anything to try. Read the owners manual and you'll find the section for cpu frequency/voltage. It may be listed this way, or under another title in one of the bios sections. Sorry I can't tell you which one, but it's been awhile since I looked at an asus bios.
  4. The message you get is a standard bios response to a system hang. Every Asus board gives the same message, after a hard reboot. Ignore the message, but remember that you have a problem that makes your system freeze.
    There is a free program that will help find the problem. It is called MBM5. Google for it, then load it. When you configure, set it up to keep a log for say 10 second intervals. Then next time it crashes, get the info from the log, and post it here.
  5. thanks for the replies, i'll try and c if i can find the problem now.
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